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think.NET is a three-dimensional game for beginning and advanced C# developers. Each developer can write his or her own algorithm to control a tank, and then the developer-controlled tanks fight on one arena. There are many aspects of AI algorithm: prediction, estimation, finding the optimal path, decision-making etc. For beginning developers, think.NET is just a platform that allows language syntax to be learned in a fun way. It’s better to see the results of the learning progress in a fully three-dimensional world, instead of launching a boring console application, right? And it is even more fun to destroy an enemy tank which is not intelligent enough to escape! Advanced developers, who already know c# syntax, can learn more about sophisticated algorithms that are sometimes very difficult to implement. To write a very advanced tank algorithm it is necessary to know about artificial neural networks or genetic algorithms. Apart from controlling the tank and firing, each player can use missiles, which is a very powerful attack, but you must first estimate the next position of player to conduct the attack successfully. think.NET can motivate you and teach you programming in a fun and pleasant way.

In addition to the game (platform), there is an editor which allows map building. Without the editor, it would be quite time-consuming to build maps. Using the editor, it is possible to place buildings and other stuff on the map and then just save it into a file.

think.NET is an open-source project, so you can download the code, and if you have any suggestions or improvements just let me know. Similarly, if you want to participate in the project then just contact me. There are many areas which are still under development. In the future I would like to introduce a team competition where tanks can communicate with other team members to improve battle results.

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